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The South Country School District is seeking community residents who are interested in serving on a Board Advisory Committee.

The South Country School District is seeking community residents who are interested in sitting on one of the following Board Advisory Committees:
• Strategic Planning
• Health & Safety

The Committee will function in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education. Community residents interested in serving on one of the Board Advisory Committees should e-mail the District Clerk’s office at no later than July 30, 2021. Committee members will be selected by the President of the Board of Education.

Committee members will serve a one-year term commencing annually and ending June 30th of the fiscal year. Each committee will meet every other month beginning in early August.

100 Bellport Middle School Students Inducted into National Junior Honor Society

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The district is pleased to announce that 100 Bellport Middle School students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on June 8.

After NJHS co-advisers Kelsey Erwin and Brianne Torre welcomed the inductees to the ceremony, students Ella Masem and Sha’Niyia Hollman led the Pledge of Allegiance. There were opening remarks by Principal Dr. Jamal Colson, and address by NJHS President Keshavi Shah and an explanation of the pillars of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship.

Assistant Principal John Frankie and co-advisers Ms. Erwin and Ms. Torre then presented each of the inductees their certificates. NJHS officers Keshavi Shah (president), Cooper Alberto (vice president), Madeline Fox (secretary), Adriel Ferguson (assistant secretary), Maya Dixit (treasurer) and Katy Schuessler (reporter) then led the inductees in the NJHS oath, signifying their formal acceptance into the honor society.

Bellport Middle School congratulates the following inductees on this outstanding accomplishment:

Tess Adepoju
Aaren Arias
Madison Aruta
Catherine Balbuca
Orion Beadle
Giselle Bodon
Brayden Cacace
Kimberly Chicas
Braydon Cipp
Preston Collins
Alana Cornacchiulo
Izel Cruz
Johan Cruz
Jonathan Cruz
Aiden Cullen
Luciano Cunha
Milo Dalglish
Meaghan DeLillo
Anthony DeMasi
John DeRosa
Anthony Diaz Sanchez
Justine Dickinson
Olivia DiOrio
Anthony DiRusso
Paul Ditman
Leena Elbaroudy
Joshua Ferguson
Jillian Ferrara
Marie Ferrara
Brenden Fitzgerald
Rha-Qwon Flippen
Ryan Fostvedt
Kourtney Gaynor
Emerson German
Khloe Goetz
Zion Gordon
Lance Guiffreda
Vincent Guiffreda
Ryan Gutierrez
Cassidy Hanley
Gavin Hart
Jaylen Hatcher
Ethan Hillard
Lyla Hollmann
Jasmyn Jackson
Joselyn Jara Lopez
Kingston John
Colin Knakal
Kaitlyn Kuffour
Joseph Lafferty
Philip Leong
Stephanie Lesser
Jayden Licausi
Davide Lopes
Daniel Lyons
Elie Malcom
Meghan Maragioglio
Madelyn Masem
Olivia Masillo
Julianna Matute
Lucia McCollum
Tyler McGuire
Tyler Meyers
Angelina Migdol
Carly Monte
Jennifer Morales
Aaliyah Morrow
Kyran Murphy
Jason Nichols
Judah Noisette
Elizabeth Orsino
Tristan Owen
Samantha Panasuk
Morgan Peddie
Brennan Pluth
Charlotte Pracher
Sofia Promutico
Christian Quinn
Julius Radino
Collin Reilly
Sara Repper
Chace Rice
Noel Rivera
Jake Rubin
Danica Rymer
Jimmy Salvador
Anthony Sammartino
Madelyn Schmidt
Adam Sobeh
Samuel Sorto
Kevin Sorto Reyes
Ryan Spence
Daniel Steckle
Jessiah Torres
Grace Trani
Hailey Valdez Siavichay
Lauren Valentin
Leah Velazquez
Emmerson Vohrer
Katie-Ann Wilson

Pre-Kindergarten Lottery on August 5th at 11:00 AM in the Board Room of the South Country CSD District Office

We will hold our Pre-Kindergarten Lottery on August 5th at 11:00 AM in the Board Room of the South Country CSD District Office. If you would like to attend, you may do so virtually via live streaming on YouTube. The link will be on our website and may be found directly here: Click Here

If your child is selected by the lottery process, you will be notified by regular mail.

South Country BOE Reorganizes for 2021-2022 School Year

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The Board of Education organized and prepared for the onset of the 2021-2022 school year during the July 7 reorganization meeting, held in person in the administration building.

In addition to welcoming back Chris Picini and Cameron Trent to the board for additional three-year terms, the trustees nominated and elected E. Anne Hayes for a third term as president and Cameron Trent for a second term as vice president.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021

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The Bellport High School Class of 2021 demonstrated adaptability and resiliency to overcome a pandemic era and to celebrate an important milestone in their academic careers during the annual commencement ceremony, held in-person on June 25. Leading up to the ceremony, the local police and fire departments escorted students, parents and family as they drove through the middle of Bellport Village from Bellport Middle School to the high school grounds where they were greeted by the administration and members of the board of education.

“Pomp and Circumstance” was played over the PA system as students took their places on the field with family watching from the sidelines. After Student Council President Jack Frankie led the salute to the flag, he welcomed the graduates and reflected on his remembrances of high school. He also told his peers that the pandemic had taught him to appreciate every aspect of life.

During his remarks to the class, Principal Timothy Hogan encouraged students to cherish life processes and experiences and to find solutions to problems. “Strive to be the solution in every situation — not the problem,” he said. He also whole-heartedly and with much emotion thanked the students for his long-time career and told them he will miss the relationships he has made along the way.

Essayist Charlotte Kellogg, whose task was to reflect on high school, spoke about how relationships gave them the strength to transition from adolescence to adulthood. “We all took that leap together…from merely listening to voicing our own thoughts and opinions,” Charlotte said. “We discovered our own truths together.”

Salutatorian Victoria Monte explained the first lines of Morgan Harper Nichols’ poem “Let July be July. Let August be August” to explain that the moment in which they are living, graduation, is the only moment that should matter right now. “The present is the only concrete thing we have, so make the absolute most of it, even when that means still having a really hard day,” Victoria said. “Recognize the ability that you have to do what you hope to do and the value that every moment holds.”

Valedictorian Anthony Notartomaso talked about the future and noted that, based on the last year, no one really knows what the future holds. “That mystery (not knowing the future) doesn’t have to make us live in fear,” Anthony said. “For the future is not completely out of our control. Simple choices and actions in the past have led us here today. Likewise, our choices of today will mold our future.”

After the celebratory speeches, the retirement of social studies teacher Paul Feltman and long-time athletic office secretary Marybeth Stitt were acknowledged with the presentation of honorary diplomas. Student Council President Jack Frankie also presented Mr. Hogan with a gift to recognize his retirement as principal.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani certified the diplomas and announced that the seniors had completed the requirements for graduation. Board President E. Anne Hayes then led the students in the traditional moving of the tassel, symbolizing that the seniors were now alumni of the South Country Central School District. The evening was punctuated by a fireworks display by Grucci Fireworks and students then joined their family and friends for photos and to say farewell to friends, administrators and faculty.

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