K-12 Humanities
Jaclyn O'Hagan
Director of Humanities


The Humanities Department of South Country Central School District offers students a comprehensive and innovative education that prepares students for Lifelong reading and writing practices. Our primary goal is to develop 21st Century skills through inquiry, research, reading, writing, and speaking. While deep analysis of text for learning about the world is an important component of instruction, students should also read and write for enjoyment.  Students will learn how to defend arguments, analyze stimulus based sources, interpret events of the past, and engage in inquiry student-based projects. Our primary focus is to assist students and provide Digital tools, for student development to make informed and reasoned decisions for themselves. In addition, make decisions for the public good as members of a culturally diverse community, democratic society, and an interdependent world. Ultimately, students will use these tools to become more empathetic, active and informed citizens, and Lifelong 21st century learners.

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