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School Closings and Delays


There may be times when the weather will cause schools to have a delayed opening, or close for the day. These decisions will generally be made by 5:30 am. All delays and closings will be posted on the District’s website at and the District will place a phone call through Connect-Ed to your home or cell phone notifying you. Please ensure that your contact information is kept current and up to date. If you move, change jobs, or obtain a new phone number, please be sure to provide your child's school with the new contact information to avoid missing a Connect-ED message.

The information will also be broadcast on the following stations:

WALK 97.5 FM WBAB 102.3 FM WBZO 103.1 FM
WRCN 103.9 FM WBLI 106.1 FM Channel 12 News

When the South Country Central School District declares a snow day or closes school for any other reason, the ESBOCES Extended Day Enrichment Program will be cancelled for that day.

2-Hour Delayed Opening

First and foremost, student and staff safety is our greatest concern in bad weather. A delayed opening will give local authorities additional time to clear the roadways, give our staff additional time to prepare our schools, and allow students and staff additional time to get to school safely. In the event of a 2 hour delay:

  • Students should plan to be at their bus stop or school two hours later than their normal
    schedule. All school start times and bus pick-up times for students will be delayed 2 hours.
  • Staff should arrive as soon as possible. Please be sure to use caution during your commute
    and plan to arrive to your building as soon as possible and within the 2 hour time delay.
  • AM Pre-K at Brookhaven will be cancelled.  
  • PM Pre-K and the PM Alternative Program at Bellport High School will run at their normal schedule without delay. 


On days where inclement weather causes a two-hour delayed opening for schools, the AM session for the extended day enrichment program will be cancelled, and your child's regular school day will begin two-hours later than the normal start time. The PM session for the extended day enrichment program will run as scheduled and unchanged.


Early Dismissal Procedure

In the event the District needs to begin to dismiss students early, we will follow the following

  • Bellport High School will dismiss 30 minutes early.
  • Bellport Middle School and Frank P. Long will dismiss about 15 minutes early.
  • Brookhaven, Verne W. Critz, and Kreamer Street will dismiss at about their
    regularly scheduled times.

This procedure will get our older students to their destination sooner than they would normally arrive and get our youngest students to their destination at or about their normal arrival time.

On days where inclement weather causes an early dismissal for schools, the PM session for the extended day enrichment program will be cancelled. Children will be sent home on their regularly scheduled bus and those who are walkers will be expected to be picked up no later than 3:30 p.m.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.



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