FPLFPL Testing Overview

Over the last five years, following concerns expressed by faculty, staff and community residents, the South Country Central School District underwent a comprehensive environmental investigation of Frank P. Long Intermediate School. To ensure the building was safe, the Board of Education authorized extensive testing. Testing included:


  • Total Indoor/Outdoor Ambient Air Quality
  • Ground Water Well Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing (Air)


The comprehensive investigation concluded that all parameters assessed to be normal for a school building in Suffolk County. Also, and in general, the results of the indoor samples were unremarkable and typical of what is found in indoor air. The results were reviewed and supported by the New York State Department of Health. 

To improve the overall health of the building, the district undertook a capital project to replace all windows and doors, conduct HVAC system(s) upgrades, and renovate the courtyard.

The window and door project contributes to the overall health of the building by addressing structural issues that permitted draft and moisture penetration. The leaking windows are simply in a state of disrepair.

The courtyard project improved the overall health of the building in a number of ways. Drainage in the courtyard was poor, adding moisture to the building, and vegetation had overgrown not permitting the building exterior to breathe or dry properly. Vegetation overgrowth had taken over what once was a wonderful instructional space.

The courtyard project transformed the old courtyard into a state of the art outdoor learning lab with dedicated instructional spaces. Raised planting gardens were added for student gardening, and various learning spaces including a S.T.E.M. corner, a reading area and a large flexible space for band concerts, spectators, and general daily use. Drainage was improved with the addition of rain gardens to collect and redirect rain water away from the building. Grass was replaced with a new turf surface eliminating the need to bring gas powered machinery into the area, and making the courtyard almost maintenance free.

The health and safety of our students and staff is the highest priority of our district. This page provides an overview of the testing completed, frequently asked questions and communication from district administration to the community.