Department of ENL -English as a New Language 

Welcome to ENL

The English as a New Language Program (formerly known as the ESL Program) provides English Language Learners (ELL's)/Multi-lingual Learners (MLL's) a research-based program comprised of two components. They are a content area instructional component in English (which may include all core content, i.e. English language arts, math, science, or social studies) with home language supports and appropriate scaffolds, and an English language development component (Stand-alone and/or Integrated English as a New Language).

Our ENL Program is a state and federal mandated program that seeks to provide intensive academic English skills to emergent bilingual students by supporting learning with ENL methodologies and techniques. Teachers support the development of the new language through all of the language arts modalities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

ENL Instructional practices are based on language acquisition theory. ENL classes are designed to make academic language and content accessible and comprehensible to the ELL/MLL so that the student may reach his or her full academic potential while learning the English Language. Learning is differentiated based on English proficiency level and student academic history.

Monica Pullows-Tetuan
Director of ELL, Bilingual and World Language Programs
South Country Central School District
105 Fireplace Neck Road
Brookhaven, NY 11719