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Effective 7/1/2018 NYSED requires a physical exam for new entrants and students in Grades Pre-K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11; annually for interscholastic sports; and working papers as needed; or as required by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Committee on Pre-School Special education (CPSE). The linked NYS School Health Examination form is required to be completed in entirety by a private health care provider or school medical director. If we do not receive your child's exam by October 30th, we will have your child seen by our school doctor. Please call our school nurse if you do not wish you child to have an in-school exam.
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185 North Dunton Avenue
East Patchogue, NY  11772
Phone: (631) 730-1675
Fax:  (631) 286-2918
Grades K - 3
Hours:  9:20 am - 3:20 pm
Principal: Mrs. Mandy Mazziotti














In The News

Everyone can dance!

Everyone can dance photo
The gymnasium at Verne W. Critz Elementary School abounded with energy and the sound of popular music as students learned the fundamentals of hip hop, jazz and modern dance with Stephanie Vertichio of Stage Door School of Dance. For two weeks, the students participated in the physical education program unit with much success and enthusiasm.

Physical education teachers William Champlin and Donielle Brower explained that the dance unit was funded through a South Country Educational Foundation grant to pay for two alternate physical education programs. For one week, the students learned dance moves, while Mike Hesselbirg from Mike Hesselbirg’s Taekwondo and Karate for Kids taught a martial arts unit during the second week. 

Mr. Champlin noted that both units taught balance and coordination, spatial awareness, movement and listening skills. “These two units don’t just focus on physical education,” Mr. Champlin said. “They focus on emotional and social skills as well. Every child can dance.”

An author celebration at Verne W. Critz Elementary

An author celebration at Verne W. Critz Elementary photo
An author celebration at Verne W. Critz Elementary photo 2
An author celebration at Verne W. Critz Elementary photo 3
An author celebration at Verne W. Critz Elementary photo 4
First and second grade students in Tracy Behl’s combined class at Verne W. Critz Elementary School joined faculty and administrators in the sharing of their best writing collected during the school year. Teachers have been teaching writing methods and tools acquired from the Reading and Writing Workshop from Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Ms. Behl explained that students have advanced in their writing significantly, starting with basic sketching and labeling of pictures to writing sentences and pages of information. For the author celebration, the students were given a writing assignment that compares and contrasts their favorite book or video to another. They learned how to write transitional sentences to make their comparisons flow and to explain more fluently author techniques that make their books or videos similar or different. Ms. Behl also helped the students type their writing on the computer for the author celebration. Literacy coach Jennifer Hayhurst added that the students recorded their work and that a QR code was created. This step allowed the students to play back their work and to allow parents to hear their children’s writing in verbal form. 

“Not only does recording the work help students feel comfortable listening to their own voice, some of the students have taken the initiative to self-correct their writing,” Ms. Hayhurst added.    

Each of the students rotated to faculty members where they shared their best work. Faculty, in turn, gave feedback of the student’s work by writing a short review.

Coding and Makerspace at the Verne W. Critz Library

Coding and Makerspace at the Verne W. Critz Library photo
The district’s libraries are no longer a place to just hear a story and select a book. The district’s librarians have been teaching crucial technology skills that will help prepare students for the 21st Century workplace. Verne W. Critz librarian Lynn Cullen explained that in addition to lessons in research, students are now learning basic coding skills and are inventing and creating in Makerspace labs.  

At Verne W. Critz, students are afforded the opportunity for hands-on activities that require critical thinking skills, problem-solving and collaborative team work. Ms. Cullen, along with the support of Principal Mandy Mazziotti, have furnished the library with engaging products such as PowerClix, Brix, K’nex, Keva, Squigz and IO blocks. The library will soon introduce modular robotics called Cubelets.  

During a recent trip to the library, second grade students collaborated to design an incline plane with Keva wood planks, which allowed a ball to travel without falling off-course. Not only did the students use teamwork to design their course, they utilized science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) principles to acquire their results.
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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