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South Country Students Go On a Nutrition Safari

South Country Students Go On a Nutrition Safari photo
South Country Students Go On a Nutrition Safari photo 2
Students at Brookhaven, Kreamer Street and Verne W. Critz elementary schools are focusing on eating wholesome food to fuel their bodies during the schools’ annual Nutrition Safari. Sponsored by Whitsons Culinary Group, a food service company hired by the district, the experience assists students in choosing healthy meals and eating.

During the event at Brookhaven Elementary School, Grant the Gazelle visited students during lunch and helped them choose healthy snacks from the menu, including carrots, apples and yogurt. “Ranger” Diane Murphy, who runs the program, said the program is geared as a fun way to promote healthy eating. At the end of lunch, students received a “Color in the Safari Friends” coloring packet to reinforce the basic food groups.

Learning Principles of Biodiversity

Learning Principles of Biodiversity photo
Learning Principles of Biodiversity photo 2
Hilde the millipede, Gertrude the box turtle, Ludwig the ball python and Dusty the chinchilla were the subjects of an important lesson on the basics of biodiversity at Brookhaven Elementary School.
During a visit with New York Department of Environmental Conservation educator David Pomerand, the first-grade students learned the importance of protecting the environment through discussion of animal habitats and behavior. They discussed the characteristics of invertebrates, reptiles and mammals and how their animal guests resembled and differed from one another. The students even had an opportunity to pet the animals.
Sunday, February 17, 2019
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