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Extra Help

Teacher Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Albrecht 123   X      
Baker 127 X        
Bevan 131   X      
Blaszcyk 143     X    
Braver 217 X        
Burkhardt 151 X X      
Burmeister 243     X    
Byrnes 235     X    
Calise 245 X        
Carleton 242       X  
Coyne 214A X        
Cutrone West Gym   X      
D'Ambrosio 232 X        
DellaRocca 246   X      
DeNapoli Guidance   X      
DeVito 131   X      
DiPuma 252       X  
Donovan 108   X      
Dooley 216       X  
Dowling 113     X    
Egger SSS X        
Eglevsky 231 X        
Erwin 241     X    
Ferrara 122 X        
Flanagan 244       X  
Ford  West Gym     X    
Freeman SSS X        
Frenna Orchestra Rm         X ALT.
Giacomin East Gym X        
Goodman 134     X    
Gualtieri 128       X  
Hartill 104   X      
Hogan 236   X      
Holmes East Gym   X      
Jackson 242 X        
Jeffrey 151     X    
Kelly Band Room     X    
Kinigson 133     X    
Kramer 225     X    
Lally 231 X        
Lipper SSS X        
Lynch 217 X        
Madrigales 219         X
Malaney Guidance     X    
Marshall 141     X    
Mason Library X        
Mayer 234 X        
McAvoy 132 X        
McCay 219     X    
McCray 218         X
Merritt 125 X        
Mrs. Menikos 152   X      
Mr. Menikos 233 X        
Metz 144       X  
Milian 224     X    
Miranda 250   X      
Morris 213   X      
Moser 151   X      
Nhotsoubanh 246       X  
Norena 251     X    
O'Leary SSS X        
Pastore Band Room     X    
Patanjo 210       X  
Pepe 215          
Pfister 122 X        
Mrs. Piraino 150       X  
Mr. Piraino 135       X  
Plain 233 X        
Plotnick 230   X   Xonly for faculty mtg.  
Prush 212     X    
Rant  141     X    
Rigney 150   X      
Salpietro 245     X    
Satterley East Gym X        
Schiavone 142     X    
Sherlock Orchestra Rm X        
Sinclair 212     X    
Sordyl 211     X    
Surrusco 203        
Stiriz 112     X    
Trupia 242     X    
Vatalaro 142   X      
Vecchione Guidance     X    
Watkins 250 X        


BMS teachers provide extra help for a variety of student needs. These needs include skill remediation, assessment preparation, and task completion guidance. The schedule of this extra help varies according to the weekly schedule of task work that is assigned each week. Generally, teachers inform their students as to the date and time of the upcoming week’s extra help session.

Please Note:

-Students may request extra help at any time. If you have any questions regarding extra help, please contact your child’s teacher and/or the grade level assistant principal.

-Passes are provided for students that remain for extra help. It is expected that the student have this pass signed by his / her guardian. This pass is then presented to the extra help teacher.

*This is done in order to maintain student safety and clear communication for each household.

* If you have any question as to a teacher’s extra help sessions for any given week, simply call the main office at 730-1627 or 730-1628.




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