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eSchool Parent Portal



The South Country Central School District is pleased to make it possible for parents to access their child’s academic progress and attendance in each of their classes through the Internet. South Country Central School District believes this kind of access will improve parent and teacher communication as well as student responsibility. Parents may view schedules, progress reports, report cards, attendance, and grade book.


eSchool Parent Portal Registration Instructions

Step 1: Provide your Email Address to the District

To obtain a parent portal account, complete an Email Verification Form and submit it to the Central Office.  This only needs to be done once per child. Forms can be obtained via the links below or at your child’s building.


Parent Portal Verification Form Grades K-5 

 K-5 Parent Portal Letter 16-17


Please be aware that hard copies of progress reports and report cards for Grades 6-12 will no longer be mailed home unless requested.   

Parent Portal Verification Form Grades 6-12 
6-12 Parent Portal Letter 16-17

Hard Copy Request Form Parent Portal -Grades 6-12
(English) (Spanish)


Step 2: Wait for Confirmation


You will receive an email from when your email verification form has been received at the Central Office.The email will direct you to create an account for the parent portal.

Step 3: Create your account on line

Before you begin, locate a copy of your child’s schedule, report card or progress report. 

Click on the eSchool link to create a new account. (
Enter the requested information from your child’s report card, progress report, or schedule.

Step 4: Wait for verification

Please allow 1-2 business days for the parent portal team to verify your information and validate your account.  Once you receive your information you can log in to the parent portal.  If you do not receive an email after 3 business days, please contact or call (631) 730-1511. 

Congratulations! You can now use your parent portal account.  



The School District wants to assure you that your child’s privacy is of the utmost importance. Access to information is restricted by a secure log-on and password. South Country Central School District will not make your username/password publicly available.   It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to keep the password secure at home. Furthermore, the information that is posted to this site is merely a copy of the real information file, insuring that no one can alter the actual permanent records through this application.

The information that you will be viewing will be updated by teachers and administrators, so you will be able to view attendance, for example, on a near real-time basis. Please allow 48 hours before calling the school regarding any discrepancies in attendance.

It is important to note that no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be perfectly secure.  As a result, while the South Country Central School District strives to protect your student's personal information, we cannot and do not ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or from our online services, and you do so at your own risk.

Should you have any additional questions, please e-mail the eSchool Help Line or contact 631-730-1511. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Is the information provided on Parent Portal private?
The South Country School District makes every effort to protect your student’s privacy by verifying parent information before creating an account.

What if I forget my password?
You can reset your password on the login screen for the parent portal.  Click on the link for “forgot password?”, a new one will be emailed to you.

How often is data updated on the Parent Portal?
Although this varies by teacher and class, we encourage weekly updates to the online grade book. In some classes grades are based on long-term projects, so you may not see frequent updates on the Portal. If you have questions about a particular class or assignment, please contact the teacher.

My child says that he handed in an assignment last week, why don’t I see a grade for it in the portal?
Some assignments take a long time for the teacher to grade, or may be part of a larger project that is not yet complete. If you have questions about a particular assignment, please contact the teacher.

My child was in school for the whole day, but was marked absent for one period. What should I do?
Please wait at least 48 hours before calling the school to report an attendance discrepancy. If the teacher was absent, attendance was taken on paper by the substitute and might not have been entered yet. If the student was excused to go to the nurse, guidance, music lesson, etc. this information might not be updated yet.

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